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As an immediate consequence of the technological development the medical instruments of our time become increasingly electronic. Not only the instruments must have great accuracy of measurement, but it is also of vital importance that they have a user-friendly design and an intuitive user interface to enable the users to make safe and swift measuring.

Medicus Engineering does not compromise on measurement accuracy or design. Our target is to create the aids of tomorrow - aids that will make the daily, routine tasks in the established health sector easier, better, quicker and moreover help private persons to achieve an improved lifestyle by means of preventive analysis.

Development Process

In order to ensure the optimal development process we not only take an active part in basic research ourselves, but we are also engaged in a continuous dialogue with physicians, nurses, private persons, distributors, sub-suppliers and designers. Through this research the knowledge imperative for the development of modern, innovative point-of-care devices is ensured.

About us

Medicus Engineering is a research and development company on the move. We are constantly seeking new areas within life science, in which field our patent pending technology as well as core competenciesā€¯Employing innovative engineering and medical principles to solve biological and medical problemsā€¯ can be used.


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  • Vagus TM

    Patient-oriented and cost effective identification of autonomic neuropathy.

  • ReQbo

    Eliminating pressure sores.

  • PreHypo

    We help predicting low blood glucose in time.


Medicus quality management system Complies with the requirements of: ISO 13485:2003/EN ISO 13485:2012

  • Vagus TM


    ISO 13485:2003/EN ISO 13485:2012


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